Les Filmeurs Productions are a company which develop documentary projects designed to explore and examine subjects as diverse as education: (Maestro, broadcast by France 3 Picardie and shown in the Picardie region and at the Cinéma des Cinéastes), social conflicts: (“The Contis Militants”, the official selection at the Lussas Festival, shown at the “Bobines rebelles”, Grand Jury prize at the festival Filmer le travail in Poitiers 2012.), culture: (“Corner of the World”, shown several times in the Picardie region) and local heritage: (“The Canal Men” broadcast on France 3 Picardie, Nord Pas de Calais and Lorraine).

Les gens d’à bord

“They call us the bargemen or the canalmen, those who work the decks while those on shore are the terra firma landlubbers, there’s a difference.”
The super 8 family archives of Daniel Wattiau takes us back to this bygone era when canal craft evoked a free and itinerant way of life, this idyllic image rooted in the collective imagination of popular culture. Jean-Claude, a young bargeman offers a contemporary counterpoint relayed by the testimonies of retired mariners of Longueil-Annel. This village still keeps the histories and living testimonies of these ”water people” passing on their heritage through the waterway festival.

Quartier du monde:Hô Chi Minh Ville

Directed by Marc Gossard, “A Corner of the World” is a 57-minute poetic documentary providing a “first look” through the eyes of French nationals at the chaotic neighborhood of Ho Chi Minh City, while exploring historical, economic and political gateways between Vietnamese and French culture.
Ho Chi Minh City Tourist District: Four busy main streets, particularly popular with tourists, form a square with a labyrinth of alleyways. In these alleyways Vietnamese locals live in a traditional way but rely and survive on the burgeoning tourist industry. Vietnamese culture has coexisted with different foreign cultures for ten years now. Full of tumultuous street life, noisy and unremitting, this neighborhood only sleeps for about two hours a day.
Through the eyes of three French nationals living in Vietnam, together with the testimonies of the Saigonese who live and work in their ever changing city with all its vivacity and uniqueness, we are given the encounters from the point of view of Philippe, Patrice and René, their experiences offering an immersive journey discovering the soul of this neighborhood.

Les contis gonflés à bloc

March 11 2009,… The 1,120 employees of the Continental factory in Clairoix, Oise, France, learn from the media about the imminent closure of their tyre factory in 2010, whereas in 2007 an agreement was signed to go back to the 39 hour work week, this, they believed, assuring the future of the site until 2012.
Shocked, the employees, (soon labelled the “Conti”) call a general meeting, set up a resistance committee to organize and coordinate their battle stations.
Their goal? To make their claims heard by the German leadership of the group and the French State!
In this film, Philippe Clatot immerses you in the adventure of the “Conti” from the beginnings of the General Assemblies in front of the factory, until the announcement of the compensation by the Continental group. It depicts one by one the events of this struggle which was talked about for weeks.
With all the major stages of the Conti struggle (demonstrations, festivals of support …) discover how this solidarity movement was also an unprecedented human and collective adventure!


This film was written by Marc Gossard, project leader, and directed by Marc Gossard and Philippe Clatot. It was shot in a school in the district of Oise at Saint Crépin aux Bois, in a mixed year group primary class of 11 pupils during the 2002-2003 school year.

The film examines how schools and the education system operate, and offers an awareness-raising, organized with the association CLEP aimed at primary and secondary schools. The League of Education, the CNDP and the FOL were also involved.
This film traces, during a school year, the methods of an unusual teacher, Antoine Salido, whose teaching style is freely inspired by Freinet’s “Freedom School”. This mixed ability class of Saint Crépin aux Bois has been famous for a long time throughout the Picardie region to be a centre of an off the beaten track, experimental and innovative teaching. This teacher’s methods favour the free expression and personality of the child, with the creation of projects that allow each person to learn to become independent, to cooperate with others and to be happy in the classroom.

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