This film was written by Marc Gossard, project leader and directed by Marc Gossard and Philippe Clatot. It was filmed in a school in the Oise at Saint Crépin aux Bois (near Compiègne) in a unique class of 11 students during the 2002-2003 school year.
The film examines how schools and the education system operate, and offers an awareness-raising, organized with the association CLEP aimed at primary and secondary schools. The League of Education, the CNDP and the FOL were also involved.

This film traces, during a school year, the methods of an unusual teacher, Antoine Salido, whose teaching style is freely inspired by Freinet's "Freedom School". This mixed ability class of Saint Crépin aux Bois has been famous for a long time throughout the Picardie region to be a centre of an off the beaten track, experimental and innovative teaching. This teacher's methods favour the free expression and personality of the child, with the creation of projects that allow each person to learn to become independent, to cooperate with others and to be happy in the classroom.

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Technical sheet

A 90-minute film (cinema format). All of this work was done in self-production and on behalf of authors. France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais Picardie interested by the film asked for a reassembly in 52 minutes to be broadcast in its program schedule.
The film was first shown on Sunday April 3, 2005 in Thourotte in front of Antoine Salido, the schoolteacher and the children, parents and former students. Laughs, emotions, the enthusiasm was general (see article in Le Parisien). A lady said to the authors after the screening "your film is a hymn to life!".
The Picardie regional council via ACAP organized several screenings in Picardy cinemas and finally the documentary association on the big screen and the cinema of the filmmakers screened it in Clichy in 2006