Les Contis gonflés à bloc

March 11 2009,... The 1,120 employees of the Continental factory in Clairoix, Oise, France, learn from the media about the imminent closure of their tyre factory in 2010, whereas in 2007 an agreement was signed to go back to the 39 hour work week, this, they believed, assuring the future of the site until 2012. Shocked, the employees, (soon labelled the "Conti") call a general meeting, set up a resistance committee to organize and coordinate their battle stations.
Their goal? To make their claims heard by the German leadership of the group and the French State!

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In this film, Philippe Clatot immerses you in the adventure of the "Conti" from the beginnings of the General Assemblies in front of the factory, until the announcement of the compensation by the Continental group. It depicts one by one the events of this struggle which was talked about for weeks.
With all the major stages of the Conti struggle (demonstrations, festivals of support ...) discover how this solidarity movement was also an unprecedented human and collective adventure!