"Quartier du monde" : Ho Chi Minh Ville

Directed by Marc Gossard, "A Corner of the World" is a 57-minute poetic documentary providing a "first look" through the eyes of French nationals at the chaotic neighborhood of Ho Chi Minh City, while exploring historical, economic and political gateways between Vietnamese and French culture.

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Ho Chi Minh City Tourist District: Four busy main streets, particularly popular with tourists, form a square with a labyrinth of alleyways. In these alleyways Vietnamese locals live in a traditional way but rely and survive on the burgeoning tourist industry. Vietnamese culture has coexisted with different foreign cultures for ten years now. Full of tumultuous street life, noisy and unremitting, this neighborhood only sleeps for about two hours a day.
Through the eyes of three French nationals living in Vietnam, together with the testimonies of the Saigonese who live and work in their ever changing city with all its vivacity and uniqueness, we are given the encounters from the point of view of Philippe, Patrice and René, their experiences offering an immersive journey discovering the soul of this neighborhood.